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Captain Cougar is a Finnish americana/folk-influenced indiepop-group. The five-piece released it's debut album ”Chapters” in late 2007 on Pinetree Records. This well-received disc combined melodic songs with folk/americana-influences and featured the crystal-clear vocal stylings of Eva Louhivuori. The band gigged in Finland to support the album.

Two changes of personnel and Eva's studies at Berklee College of Music slowed CC down a bit, but the band managed to write and produce their second album - a history-related concept work which was released in January 2010. At the same time the band prepared and premiered a concert version of the album featuring extensive visual projections based on old photography.

"Of Dreams Long Gone" is a definite step forward for the group, a truly original-sounding and cohesive work of pop-music. The new album is a cycle of songs telling a story of two people living in Finland in the beginning of the 20th century. This was a tumultous time in Finnish history, people had to go through grueling civil war. This is a story of a great love in the face of adversity, a story of dreams, a story of unexpected turns and twists life takes.

Since the debut album Captain Cougar's sound has evolved into more scandinavian direction. These 13 melodic songs are arranged thoughtfully: there are the familiar acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins but also some more exotic instruments like kantele and harmonium. Wind instruments and string textures add to the timeless sound of this music.

Captain Cougar are:

Eva Louhivuori: vocals
Juha Kujanpää: keyboards, vocals
Jussi Petäjä: guitar, vocals
Juha-Matti Rautiainen: bass, vocals
Janne Torvikoski: drums, vocals
design: matias saarukka